Month: June 2019

Ways to Avoid Tooth Fractures

Ways to avoid fractures are; wear a mouth guard during sports, pick up those small toys if you have little ones.

I have had more than one mom in the chair that slipped on a toy and caught the counter on the way down. Guys, don’t open things with your teeth or cut the fishing line with your incisors (front teeth), finger nail clippers are good for both.
Also note, if you are a grinder, oh and I know, you don’t think you are, but your dentist said you might be a grinder. Well how do they know? They can see the wear on the back of your teeth where your lower teeth are grinding from the inside out. What happens is due to the wear your teeth are getting thinner in the back, but the part you see stays the same length, so you don’t see any change until it gets thin enough on the back and you bite down and chip the thin remnant. So grinders, wear an occlusal splint! We will talk about Splints and the TMJ in another blog.