Our office can assist you to the best of our abilities in obtaining insurance reimbursement, for P.P.O. insurances that we are not preferred providers for.

For extended payment options, we offer financing through CARE Credit. To learn more about our payment options click on “Payment Options” on the top menu.

Yes, we are always accepting new patients to our practice!

There are several reasons for dental x-rays, even if you have never had a cavity or filling! Intra-oral x-rays are the most common type of radiograph taken in dentistry. They give a high level of detail in the tooth, bone, and supporting tissues of the mouth. These x-rays allow dentists to:

  • Find cavities
  • Look at the tooth roots
  • Check the health of the bony area around the tooth
  • Help diagnose periodontal disease
  • See the status of developing teeth

X-rays can detect conditions before they become larger, costlier issues. With early detection, we are able to develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

Every procedure is unique as is every patient. Our Tampa Bay Smile Makers team will work with you and discuss how long your specific procedure will take. If you are coming in for a cleaning or having restoration work done, Tampa Bay Smile Makers will communicate and work with you to establish how long the procedure will take as well as any necessary follow-up appointments. We will give you the details you need to make sure you are informed and comfortable with your decision.

For our patients with no teeth, dentures and hybrid dentures are a great solution.

Top Dentures have the benefit of a palette that has a seal or suction to keep the denture in place. Lower Dentures have less suction due to the location of the tongue. The denture sits on the ridge with no suction, allowing for a less-fixed feel. Putting in two implants for the lower denture keeps the denture in place. The implants ground the denture, giving patients an optimally comfortable denture experience.