How To Make Brushing Fun With Your Child

Every parent has been faced with this challenge one time or another– How do I get my kids to brush their teeth? 
Well, we have compiled 5 tried and true ways from parents around town to help you and your child have more effective fun ways of brushing their teeth! 

1. Find a fun toothbrush

 Does your child have a favorite superhero or fairytale character? Take your child to the toothbrush aisle and have him or her pick out their toothbrush. This will immediately make brush time a lot more fun! 
*Be sure that the tooth brush is a still recommended by your dentist though!

2. Turn brushing into a game

Brushing doesn’t have to be a chore — turn it into a fun game! Challenge your child to brush for a full two minutes with the proper technique at a 45-degree angle. You can also encourage your child by putting a sticker or points on a chart board toward a goal, and reward them with a new toy once they reach that benchmark. Just make sure they don’t brush too hard!
3. Play or sing a song

Are you and your child not sure when two minutes have passed? Have your child pick their favorite two-minute song for brushing! An upbeat song will make brushing more fun, and when it’s over you and your child will know that you’ve brushed the right amount.
4.  Lead by example

One of the best way children learn is by observation. Model appropriate brushing and flossing for your child. By showing them that you care about your teeth, they’ll be more inclined to care about theirs too.
5. Compliment your kids

As with all tasks your child is trying to complete, encourage and praise your kids when they do the task well. If they are still having a hard time, try to show them the right way and encourage them not to give up. 

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your daily brushing and flossing routine, you can help your child see that taking care of their teeth can actually be fun! And remember keep brushing and smiling!
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